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Endurant HD automated transmission

The award-winning Endurant HD automated transmission has been intelligently engineered from the ground up with features that protect your investment and make it easy to maintain. Endurant HD is the lightest heavy-duty transmission and includes breakthrough innovations such as a transmission fluid pressure sensor to protect the transmission from burn-up. There's even a new dual-PTO model designed for bulk haulers. With industry-leading downspeeding and maintenance intervals, it's capable of hauling up to 110,000 pounds (49.895 kg) Gross Vehicle Weight.

12-speed overdrive and 11-speed direct drive
Maximum GCW
110,000 pounds (49.895 kg)
Lube change interval
750,000 miles (1.207.008 km)

Get to know Endurant HD

Fleets have many priorities, but fuel efficiency, reliability, cost of ownership and safety are near the top of everyone’s list. Let’s take a look at how Endurant addresses these needs. 

Intelligently engineered

Endurant HD was designed, engineered, and created from a clean sheet to be an automated transmission…not simply an update to an AMT. This allowed us to optimize the transmission’s weight, dimensions, and features. It’s the lightest heavy-duty automated transmission, yet capable of handling 1,850 lbs.-ft. (2508 Nm) of torque. Drivers will appreciate the smooth and intuitive shift strategies and low-speed maneuverability. Integrated communication between the engine and transmission allows predictive shifting and GearLogic™ features to improve efficiency and performance.

Protects your investment

With Endurant HD, you know it’s going to last. But to make it last longer, we’ve developed several smart features like a transmission fluid pressure sensor. It notifies you of a developing problem and safeguards your truck—before it’s too late. Our 430mm, self-adjust clutch is maintenance-free, which means it requires no adjustments or grease. 

Easy to maintain

Getting the most out of your transmission between maintenance intervals means  Endurant HD needs to last longer. So, how about an oil life of 750,000 miles (1.207.008 km)? That’s 250,000 miles (402.336 km) more than the competition. All while using half as much lubricant as competitive automated transmissions.

Endurant HD has several industry-leading features:

More ways to get the job done

Endurant was designed from a clean sheet using decades of transmission expertise and tested in the most extreme environments to ensure reliability. Even its name speaks to its ability to handle the rigors of day-in and day-out, heavy-duty trucking. Because there’s no one transmission that’s right for every job, Endurant offers choices - direct drive and overdrive models, and single and dual PTO mounts - so you can choose what’s right for your fleet.

The 12-speed overdrive and 11-speed direct drive models are lightweight, yet rugged, and loaded with features that minimize maintenance.

The new dual PTO option provides customers with two PTO mounting locations: an 8-bolt bottom mount and a 4-bolt rear mount with a combined 95 horsepower capability. A single PTO model with an 8-bolt bottom mount location is also available, giving fleets enhanced flexibility in the secondary market.

HDT Top 20 Products 2018

The introduction of Endurant and the PACCAR transmission were so significant that the editors of Heavy Duty Trucking recognized them as one of the top 20 products of 2018.

Read more about the award and the complete list of winners.

A powerful remote diagnostics solution

If there is a service issue, Endurant HD uses Eaton IntelliConnect,™ a telematics-capable system that provides near real-time monitoring of vehicle fault codes, prioritizes the critical events and provides accurate and comprehensive action plans by our technical experts. Unplanned downtime is reduced and quicker repair diagnosis gets you back on the road faster.

Peace of Mind

Like all Eaton Cummins automated transmissions, Endurant is backed by the support, solutions and expertise of the Roadranger network.

Endurant HD Service Literature

Digital versions of our product service literature are now available. These digital documents are always up to date, and contain the same real-time information you would have access to using Product Information within the ServiceRanger 4 tool.

Standard Warranty

Transmission Linehaul and Pickup & Delivery applications: 5 years / 750,000 miles
  Construction, Refuse, and Agriculture applications: 3 years / 300,000 miles
Clutch Linehaul and Pickup & Delivery applications: 3 years / 350,000 miles
  Construction, Refuse, and Agriculture applications:  2 years / 200,000 miles

Extended Protection Plans

Transmission 1 year; 2 year; and 2 year / 100,000 miles
Clutch 1 year / 100,000 miles; 2 year / 150,000 miles

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