Integrated powertrains

We collaborate with leading truck and engine manufacturers to develop powertrains that meet increasingly stringent emissions and fuel economy standards, improve driver satisfaction, and provide low cost of ownership.
Cummins X15 Endurant powertrain

Cummins Integrated Power

The Cummins diesel power portfolio features optimized, integrated power solutions to help you get the most out of your operations. The Cummins X15™ and X12™ engine platforms are each designed to deliver the performance needed for different operating conditions and customer needs. When either is paired with the Endurant from Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies, you get the lightest heavy-duty transmission along with industry-leading downspeeding and maintenance intervals. 

PACCAR Powertrain

PACCAR and Eaton Cummins have collaborated to create a fully integrated powertrain that delivers superior performance and efficiency. The PACCAR MX-13 engine and PACCAR automated transmission share critical data, including engine torque and operating gear. Precise engine and transmission communications are combined with proprietary control logic to further enhance downspeeding which maximizes fuel economy. This powertrain simplifies operation for both new and experienced drivers with smooth, automated shifting that makes driving easier.

International Integrated Powertrain

The International A26 engine and Eaton Cummins Endurant automated transmission is one lightweight, quiet, and efficient powertrain. Available in LT, RH and Lonestar models, this integrated powertrain features optimized communication between the engine and transmission for smooth, precise shifts and maximum fuel efficiency. Direct drive and overdrive models allow you to select the right ratio for your route. If you're looking for best-in-class shifting and the lowest total cost of ownership, look no further than the A26 and Endurant powertrain.